That Tattoo publishes once a week and asks people about their favorite tattoo and what it means to them.


When are new interviews posted?


Can I suggest someone to interview?

Yes, absolutely! Either via email or Twitter.

What do I need if I am interviewed?

  1. A high quality image of the tattoo (or tattoos if you’d like!).
  2. One or two paragraphs on meaning or why you like the tattoo, and who tattooed you.
  3. A one sentence bio with any links you like to your personal stuff - Twitter, etc.

Can I make my own version of the site?

Absolutely! The whole site is badly coded in Hugo and available on GitHub. The theme is derived from the Hugo tracks theme.

Who runs the site?

Hi - I am James, I live in Brooklyn.

How can I get in touch?

Send an email or DM me on Twitter.

What gave you this idea?

Alcohol? jk jk. The original idea was inspired by Daniel Bogan’s UseThis.